Theodore Update 2018

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Theodore and had to make some big decisions lately, so let me outline them here.

This is a personal project and I am honored to see the level of interest that I have received. I have a full reservation list, and receive regular pings from people asking when I think Theodore will be released.

There are 116 being finished right now in Black.

Once they come back from the finisher, I will assemble and test the first 100.

Then I will engrave their serials.

105 of these are already reserved, which leaves up to 11 left for my wait list!

The wait list has 18 people right, so up to 7 will not receive even be offered one, unless some reservations bail out (which did happen last time).

I decided to fall just short of demand, mainly because I wanted to leave enough raw Theos to prototype and run a few metal editions when I am ready.

Hopefully some people on the reservation list will decide that $150 is too pricey for a basic, responsive, black aluminum yoyo. I’d love for everyone on the wait list to have a chance to buy one, but I cannot guarantee it.

I have no release date and I will never promise one.

This project is a personal one, not a business venture and not a brand I am starting up.

I made Walter, and now Theodore because it is a yoyo I want to play with.

To pay for that process, I sell small batches. I am extremely lucky to have enough people interested in this project that I don’t have to run marketing or try and promote it just to make ends meet.

Thank you for all your support!

One last thing to think about, if you are on the reservation list.

The finish I chose is a bit rough. It will cut strings.

I sanded mine lightly a few times to get it to stop. I decided this finish is worth the extra labor, since it has a nicer texture and feel than the other options I have explored.

When Theo is ready to ship, I am going to offer them first to folks who want to take the risk themselves. That means, if you want to sand your own Theo, I am willing to ship them out sooner since I will not have to manually sand and test it.

If you’d prefer me to sand it, I am glad to do it (and agree as part of my own quality control, I should be the one to do it), but it will take me longer to send out.

Let’s hope the last few stages run smoothly and I can ship these out soon!

Finished proto in focus. Copper, Silver, Earlier Proto, and Walter out of focus.


Weiner Dog: existential therapy

Let me preface this by saying I am a huge Todd Solondz fan, ever since watching Happiness on a whimsical Blockbuster™ night, back in 2000.

I’ve been looking forward to Weiner Dog for quite a while, laughing at the trailer and excited by his casting choices.

I’ve learned what to expect from Todd Solondz, which also means giving in to the unexpected.

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Theodore prototype in the wild

At the west coast championship, Theodore had some new hands on him.

Check out ben’s buttery offstring grind

Status right now: finalizing design changes (about 6 modifications to make him more Walter like), testing a new anno shop

Hoping for fall