Walter 004-005

Mid-2010 was the first time that I saw a CAD drawing that I was okay with aesthetically. I had arrived at a yoyo, finally, that reflected the simplicity of aesthetic and general shape I was going for.

Walter was still imagined at this stage at a 50mm diameter and ~26mm width. Tiny!

Fourth Cad Render of Walter
Another CAD for Walter - not much different than Four


I was also quite obsessed with parabolas.  Pretty, but is it functional?

The matching parabolas was an early choice made for the wrong reasons.

The superimposition is a render of the yoyos face.  He was quite portly at this stage : 68 grams.

If you are curious about Walter One-Three, so am I.

Words from Nov 2011

One thought on “Walter 004-005”

  1. Wow, that is so cool. Two great guys who know their stuff and do a lot for the community. The throw looks great and I wish you guys all the best. I will be keenipg my eye out, I want one of these!


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