Walter Six

The First Prototypes were made from Walter Six.

A couple mistakes (which now seem obvious):

  • Too much weight near the center – because the rims are so damn thick the thing barely spins.
  • Without a response system, it eats through pads
  • With a full size bearing it doesn’t play responsive at all
Went to protype stage
I may have been playing for many years, but I didn’t have any idea how to design one myself.
First prototypes made in India through the Hspin Network

What I do have is the desire and vision for a tug responsive yoyo that modernizes some of my favorite yoyos (SB2, BSP) which add to a completely original end product .  While I don’t think the demand is high for this type of yo-yo, I do think it is a niche piece of the market that is not currently covered.

The closest yoyo in recent history is the SPYY/Ed Haponik Flying V – which is a great playing yo-yo.  Steve sent me one a while back and it is a real charmer.  Snappy, fly away fun, regens damn well.  It is a highly aggressive yoyo, not unlike walter, but The Flying V has a lot more useable gap than Walter (because it is a pure butterfly, instead a modified/butterfly hybrid) and has sharp corners.  So the Flying V will cut you, and Walter will bruise you.  Walter will also be a bit more pocket friendly (due to shape/size differences).

Words from Nov 2011


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