Walter reservations

Testing the protos – monkey snot – snow tires – flowable.
Custom kitty string will ship with each Walter, as pictured.

With the recent photos, I’ve been receiving a lot of Walter reservations.  To be clear:

  • Reservation do not cost any money
  • The first batch will be numbered 00-49
  • I won’t charge anyone until I have the numbered Walter in hand and ready to ship
  • Walter will be $120 shipped in the US, $10 additional for international shipping (but not a problem – I love everyone!)
  • I’d love to give discounts to those in special circumstances, but I’ve chosen to sell to everyone at the same price so that I can pay off the production costs and put some money in the bank to run the 2nd batch and make a sequel.
  • Thanks to chris, david, and sonny for all the help
  • Email me to be put on the list

Here are the remaining serials from the first batch (most of the 2nd batch, 50-99 are still available):

(current serial list has moved to this post)


One thought on “Walter reservations”

  1. Just curious on when these would be needing to be paid for cause im interested in the #19 one. Looks really cool


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