Walter 2013

Apologies if you are one of the reserved and feeling neglected – I assure you Walter is moving forward steadily.


  • I have decided to run all 100 Walters at once. This means if you chose a sub-50 serial number just because you wanted to get it sooner – feel free to email me to update to any number you want (that is still available – see bottom of post).
  • The production run is currently being finished in California, by Sonny of Anti-yo.  Every Walter will be wet blasted into Slip-Matte oblivion, and then hard coated with a Type III. There were no changes from the prototype, but a lot was learned.
  • I will still need to assemble, test, sand (the finish is a bit too rough in the string zone), and serial all the production units once they arrive.  And then package.
  • Drew Tetz and I are finalizing the logo – he is amazing if you don’t know who he is you are seriously missing out
  • My original packaging idea isn’t going to work – so I am trying to figure out a local solution – stay tuned
  • I am hoping mid-March they will start shipping out, but can’t promise anything.
  • Remember kids, this project has been in the works for almost THREE YEARS! The final touches will not be rushed. But I am eager to complete the project…

Who do you want to see a Walter video from? I have a few ideas, but will always listen to suggestions.

Serial numbers that remain:

One thought on “Walter 2013”

  1. I would like to suggest Ed Haponik as a tester. He specialises is fixed axle play and would be ideal to have test the responsive Walter. Only if he’s ok with that of course.


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