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Spencer Berry

I was raised in California, living in Los Angeles currently.

I love technology, toys, film, denim, quality, geometry, coffee, laughter, games, and finding new interests all the time.

I’m a developer, working on the web and some of my own personal game projects.

This is why I have a site:


Let’s not beat around the bush too much.  Living, being creative, and making things, for me, is about sharing experiences and increasing human connectivity.  In this age, it makes sense to have a single place, that I own and control, where I can put all of my work and thoughts and whatever else I come across in this life.

This is that place.  Bear with me as I fight a few decades of lazy habits and get this thing rolling.


Believing in both fierce independence and holistic oneness presents a pseudo paradox.

I often stumble upon nuggets of truth across the web, buried usually in simple sharing. Habits people have built, approaches they have taken, and the ways they think about problems can be valuable. As I build my own approaches and habits, I may feel the need to share my inspiration here.

I will use this site to document my own thoughts and habits. I hope that I will not be seen as arrogant or preachy. My intention is never to propagate my own power or correctness over others, only to share my own process and thoughts. Maybe others will find my thoughts useful in their own lives. Maybe I will strike up a conversation.

Try me.

Yoyo Enthusiast

I am an enthusiast of the modern yo-yo.  I have been practicing since 2000, was sponsored by Duncan from 2001-2008 and I did 53 yoyo tricks in 2013.  I will use this site to document some olds tricks and propagate new ones.  I will also, from time to time, sell my own yo-yos here, like I did Walter in 2013 and the upcoming Theodore.

If you do not know what I am talking about but are interested in learning about yo-yos, see also:

  • Sector Y : This is the site that taught me everything.  Run by Citadel, whom I met 2000 at the Spindox yoyo club. It’s no longer updated.
  • Yoyoexpert: André Boulay from Massachusetts runs this site.  It has video tutorials if you want to learn some tricks.  He sells product as well.
  • Definitive Yoyoing is run by Miguel Correa and is a great place to learn tricks, especially ones with a counterweight (5A).
  • Anti-yo makes (made? 😭) my favorite yo-yos.  Caribou also makes some damn fine spin toys.
  • The rest you can Google, but please beware the nonsense.  There is no best yoyo.  I advise you just get a basic one, learn some tricks and buy more as your own preferences develop.


I make films, usually abstract fiction.  So far my films feature friendships crumbling under the pressures of reality, pools of blood, and hints of something beyond.  But anything could happen.

You can find and old reel from film school here.

I am writing a couple features, with hopes to get back to making movies once I have a project to get behind.


I have some electronics projects, some software projects, video games and a stream of ideas.  I am not claiming expertise on these subjects – just interest.  Feel free to correct me, flame me and post memes in my comments.

Other ramblings likely.

Shoot me a message if you’d like to get in touch – or leave a comment anywhere you’d like.

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