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Weiner Dog: existential therapy

Let me preface this by saying I am a huge Todd Solondz fan, ever since watching Happiness on a whimsical Blockbuster™ night, back in 2000.

I’ve been looking forward to Weiner Dog for quite a while, laughing at the trailer and excited by his casting choices.

I’ve learned what to expect from Todd Solondz, which also means giving in to the unexpected.

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Gelato Bandelore

Gelato Bandelore from Spencer Berry on Vimeo.

I shot and edited this in the Summer of 2008 with Sonny from Anti-yo.  DVX-100A, Final Cut.  I never released it because I wanted to add some finishing touches – 4 years later – here it is, still unfinished.  Set it free!

Sonny says:

A video that Spencer Berry and I made in late summer 2008. Never got around to finishing it, so this is a rough cut. Filmed at La Copa Loca in San Francisco’s mission district. Yo-yos used are Anti-Yo Eetzilla and an early Ywet prototype. Song is “Bros” by Panda Bear.

Tickle your senses with PTA’s latest trailer

There are a few films that have changed my life upon viewing…leaving trails of humanity dashing about my organs. Magnolia and There Will Be Blood are two such films.

I have high hopes for this latest work, which I have been watching keenly from the sidelines.  A buddy of mine, Evan Jones, had the privilege of working on The Master as either an electrician or a grip, but only for a few days while they were shooting in the Bay Area.  Even from the stories he has told me it sounds like it will be another chilling experience.

October 12th is what I’ve heard.

Official Site for the Master 

Demo reel from University

Spencer Berry Demo Reel from Spencer Berry on Vimeo.

This is the demo reel I graduated from University with.  Most of the footages comes from two projects: The Snout and The Fisherman.  Both of these films are incomplete and I will continue to update the site with their progress.  See the Project bar to hone in on information for either film.  As of this reel they are missing soundscapes, color timing, and fine grain editing.

The Snout will likely have another, third and final scene added to it, making it a triptych.

Words from November 2011