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Walter 2013

Apologies if you are one of the reserved and feeling neglected – I assure you Walter is moving forward steadily.


  • I have decided to run all 100 Walters at once. This means if you chose a sub-50 serial number just because you wanted to get it sooner – feel free to email me to update to any number you want (that is still available – see bottom of post).
  • The production run is currently being finished in California, by Sonny of Anti-yo.  Every Walter will be wet blasted into Slip-Matte oblivion, and then hard coated with a Type III. There were no changes from the prototype, but a lot was learned.
  • I will still need to assemble, test, sand (the finish is a bit too rough in the string zone), and serial all the production units once they arrive.  And then package.
  • Drew Tetz and I are finalizing the logo – he is amazing if you don’t know who he is you are seriously missing out
  • My original packaging idea isn’t going to work – so I am trying to figure out a local solution – stay tuned
  • I am hoping mid-March they will start shipping out, but can’t promise anything.
  • Remember kids, this project has been in the works for almost THREE YEARS! The final touches will not be rushed. But I am eager to complete the project…

Who do you want to see a Walter video from? I have a few ideas, but will always listen to suggestions.

Serial numbers that remain:

Walter reservations

Testing the protos – monkey snot – snow tires – flowable.
Custom kitty string will ship with each Walter, as pictured.

With the recent photos, I’ve been receiving a lot of Walter reservations.  To be clear:

  • Reservation do not cost any money
  • The first batch will be numbered 00-49
  • I won’t charge anyone until I have the numbered Walter in hand and ready to ship
  • Walter will be $120 shipped in the US, $10 additional for international shipping (but not a problem – I love everyone!)
  • I’d love to give discounts to those in special circumstances, but I’ve chosen to sell to everyone at the same price so that I can pay off the production costs and put some money in the bank to run the 2nd batch and make a sequel.
  • Thanks to chris, david, and sonny for all the help
  • Email me to be put on the list

Here are the remaining serials from the first batch (most of the 2nd batch, 50-99 are still available):

(current serial list has moved to this post)


Finished Walter Prototype

Walter with his first Type III Matte Black Hardcoat
Walter in his finished state

Today I received this photo from sonny of anti-yo.  He just picked up the prototype batch of Walters from the finishing shop.  They were wet-blasted to get the slip-matte feel and then coated with a Type III hardcoat in black.  I cannot wait to get one in my hands.

The first batch should be available early 2013.  Walter will cost $120 and only be sold directly to the buyer.

There will be 100 sold, serial 00 through 99.  If you want to reserve a serial number, let me know – I won’t ask for money until I have the final product in hand.

Yuuki Spencer (Berry)

I shot and edited the Yuuki portion of what was going to be a quick diptych designed to depict a few tricks quickly and accurately.  My half, as is often the case, never was.

I traded this footage to Save Deth for one of the original Envys, but Dave felt it had to be spiced up with some editing so hopefully he won’t mind me posting this.  This cut is from March of 2007.


As I put together the history of Walter in preparation for his upcoming release, I imported some content from the Genuine Spin site. Because these posts were crafted years ago – they have lies. I’ve chosen to leave them as is for the sake of history, but all aspects of Walter have since changed.

Space Walter

(Commentary from July 2012) This was just a ‘modern’ idea I explored once I had the Hspin prototypes in hand.  Hspin (Chris and Hadrien) were definitely most enthusiastic about this model.

I was thinking of running it at one point but Seth Peterson, like a good friend, reminded me I wasn’t doing a modern yoyo.

I was trying to move weight outward and I’m not sure this accomplishes that.

A thought from the Walter Seven stage
Cross section - still in the straight line parabola phase.
A thought from the Walter Seven stage