Yuuki Spencer (Berry)

I shot and edited the Yuuki portion of what was going to be a quick diptych designed to depict a few tricks quickly and accurately.  My half, as is often the case, never was.

I traded this footage to Save Deth for one of the original Envys, but Dave felt it had to be spiced up with some editing so hopefully he won’t mind me posting this.  This cut is from March of 2007.

Tickle your senses with PTA’s latest trailer

There are a few films that have changed my life upon viewing…leaving trails of humanity dashing about my organs. Magnolia and There Will Be Blood are two such films.

I have high hopes for this latest work, which I have been watching keenly from the sidelines.  A buddy of mine, Evan Jones, had the privilege of working on The Master as either an electrician or a grip, but only for a few days while they were shooting in the Bay Area.  Even from the stories he has told me it sounds like it will be another chilling experience.

October 12th is what I’ve heard.

Official Site for the Master 


As I put together the history of Walter in preparation for his upcoming release, I imported some content from the Genuine Spin site. Because these posts were crafted years ago – they have lies. I’ve chosen to leave them as is for the sake of history, but all aspects of Walter have since changed.

Space Walter

(Commentary from July 2012) This was just a ‘modern’ idea I explored once I had the Hspin prototypes in hand.  Hspin (Chris and Hadrien) were definitely most enthusiastic about this model.

I was thinking of running it at one point but Seth Peterson, like a good friend, reminded me I wasn’t doing a modern yoyo.

I was trying to move weight outward and I’m not sure this accomplishes that.

A thought from the Walter Seven stage
Cross section - still in the straight line parabola phase.
A thought from the Walter Seven stage

Walter at Worlds 2010

I received prototypes from Hspin a day after the contest started.

They were TINY.  It is one thing to guess and check from different yoyos but the combination of 50mm diameter and slimline made it truly seem like a miniature.

The weight distribution made them feel like solid rocks but spin times were less than adequate.

Without a fully thought out response system, they burned through duncan pads in ~10 mins and peeled almost all other pads right off in a matter of throws.

Frank from Difeyo gave me some great, basic advice on weight distribution (which you can see reflected in the future).

Kyle weems also cut a few of them for me in order to get the gap a bit smaller (go go mod workshop).

Mostly, I hid them from the public in shame.

Walter Six

The First Prototypes were made from Walter Six.

A couple mistakes (which now seem obvious):

  • Too much weight near the center – because the rims are so damn thick the thing barely spins.
  • Without a response system, it eats through pads
  • With a full size bearing it doesn’t play responsive at all
Went to protype stage
I may have been playing for many years, but I didn’t have any idea how to design one myself.
First prototypes made in India through the Hspin Network

What I do have is the desire and vision for a tug responsive yoyo that modernizes some of my favorite yoyos (SB2, BSP) which add to a completely original end product .  While I don’t think the demand is high for this type of yo-yo, I do think it is a niche piece of the market that is not currently covered.

The closest yoyo in recent history is the SPYY/Ed Haponik Flying V – which is a great playing yo-yo.  Steve sent me one a while back and it is a real charmer.  Snappy, fly away fun, regens damn well.  It is a highly aggressive yoyo, not unlike walter, but The Flying V has a lot more useable gap than Walter (because it is a pure butterfly, instead a modified/butterfly hybrid) and has sharp corners.  So the Flying V will cut you, and Walter will bruise you.  Walter will also be a bit more pocket friendly (due to shape/size differences).

Words from Nov 2011


Walter 004-005

Mid-2010 was the first time that I saw a CAD drawing that I was okay with aesthetically. I had arrived at a yoyo, finally, that reflected the simplicity of aesthetic and general shape I was going for.

Walter was still imagined at this stage at a 50mm diameter and ~26mm width. Tiny!

Fourth Cad Render of Walter
Another CAD for Walter - not much different than Four


I was also quite obsessed with parabolas.  Pretty, but is it functional?

The matching parabolas was an early choice made for the wrong reasons.

The superimposition is a render of the yoyos face.  He was quite portly at this stage : 68 grams.

If you are curious about Walter One-Three, so am I.

Words from Nov 2011