Yuuki Spencer (Berry)

I shot and edited the Yuuki portion of what was going to be a quick diptych designed to depict a few tricks quickly and accurately.  My half, as is often the case, never was.

I traded this footage to Save Deth for one of the original Envys, but Dave felt it had to be spiced up with some editing so hopefully he won’t mind me posting this.  This cut is from March of 2007.

[qt:http://spencerberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Yuuki-Spencer-Berry.mov 720 480]

Yuuki Spencer (Berry)

Tickle your senses with PTA’s latest trailer

There are a few films that have changed my life upon viewing…leaving trails of humanity dashing about my organs. Magnolia and There Will Be Blood are two such films.

I have high hopes for this latest work, which I have been watching keenly from the sidelines.  A buddy of mine, Evan Jones, had the privilege of working on The Master as either an electrician or a grip, but only for a few days while they were shooting in the Bay Area.  Even from the stories he has told me it sounds like it will be another chilling experience.

October 12th is what I’ve heard.

Official Site for the Master 


As I put together the history of Walter in preparation for his upcoming release, I imported some content from the Genuine Spin site. Because these posts were crafted years ago – they have lies. I’ve chosen to leave them as is for the sake of history, but all aspects of Walter have since changed.