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Slow down and evolve

Evolution is one of those things I can imagine when I see the progression as a diagram, but I’ve often pondered its pace and cause.

I imagine it is similar to my own mental growth: a new thought pattern is prioritized, I pursue it actively in my mind, and eventually it becomes me. At least, that is how I would like to be.

When I return home from a particularly bright day, everything is near-black. I stare through the murky grays and slowly things I recognize come into focus. It happens slowly, as the fog of darkness lifts.

I am constantly experiencing a similar adjustment with my habits and self evolution. I adjust to new living situations, friends, projects, dreams, cricks, and so on, each becoming part of me and therefore invisible. Each day is colored by those previous, each thought colored by our experiences. Continue reading Slow down and evolve

Is my future self sending me a message?

I stumbled upon this via Hacker News, while procrastinating writing:

Robert Hanks: On Putting Things Off

It gave me a strange feeling, like one of those moments where destiny could shift, or keep chugging along.  Where I could see through the kaleidoscope, through one set of reflections, something that I could become, or fight against, but will only be fueled by passivity. I want to twist the beads and see a different destiny, but there is something to be learned, something to be feared, about letting things settle.

And then somehow Winter Wonderland came onto my Spotify channel and I remembered it is Friday.