I have a few Theodore’s available! Contact me below.

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By purchasing, you acknowledge:

  1.  You will receive a working Theodore with a greasy bearing. I tested it, it works.
  2.  I am not a company, you aren’t getting a return policy or a customer service department, just me and my preference for gunked up yoyos that can take a beating.
  3. I thought these would require sanding, but they didn’t cut strings at all in my testing. They still is a chance you’ll cut a string or two! Be careful in the first few days.
  4. The engraver did an okay job – you can read the numbers – but they aren’t 🌟💯🔥. If you are going to be bothered by a less than perfect engraving, please refrain from purchase.
  5. These are shipping unassembled, wrapped in paper, bearing seated, axle separate but ready. Nothing nice about the box. I want these to be used and the collectors box on Walter seemed to dissuade that.
  6. The price reflects my time and the demand. This yoyo is no better than any other aluminum on the market, and is purposefully priced.
  7. Sorry I’ma grouch. Long road.
  8. Make sure your shipping address is proper on checkout! No rush here, you have a reservation.

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I’ve got some available.

Theodore – Shipped to the States

Mint no package.


Theodore – Ship outside the States



Theodore Information

Theodore is another retro-modern throw following in Walter’s footsteps.

I will update this page as the project evolves, including photos and whatever else.

The Concept

The same ideas pervade the concept: responsive, soft in the hand, durable, hardcoat, built for play.

Theodore will be a wider than Walter.  That is the main difference.

I will probably ship Theodore with a worse (aka more responsive – less maintenance needed) bearing.


Prototypes have been through two rounds, neither to my satisfaction.

The third round seems darn close – stay tuned!


38 wide
54.5 diameter
C bearing, recessed to 3.6mm gap
likely to ship with some nasty bearings
snow tires


Right now, I am planning to do two releases:

The Player’s Edition

The first will be black hardcoat, serial’d just like Walter was. I will do these without packaging to encourage them to be played hard and not to be stored in a pretty little box on your shelf.

Release date: May 5th, 2018 – Shipping Now

Price: $150 shipped in the US or in person, $160 shipped outside the US.

The Metal Edition

This will come much later, as they’re a dream project that will take a while to get together. I’m thinking 2019 or 2020, but my deadlines never stick.

They will be metal plated Theodores (probably ~40) with some (hopefully) special packaging.  The pricing and reality of this 2nd run is still up in the air, so don’t hold me to any specific details.  I only mention it here so that folks don’t get upset they bought a player’s edition if they wanted a metal plated version. Or visa versa.

Release date: 2020

Price: Expensive. Probably $200+ but won’t know for sure until much later.

Theodore is available still!

Contact me below to reserve one of the remaining serials:

Questions welcome as well.

I am not selling multiples.